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Door Manufacturing, Designing, Fitting and Repairing Services.

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Pivots, Barn Doors, Standard Sizes, Kitchen Doors, Sliding Doors, Arch Doors, Folding Doors

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As Pivot Doors(SOUTH AFRICA) we provide an awesome
finishing to every construction structure with a complete set
of modern designed SOLID doors for both Exterior and
Interior use. These doors stands against all weather
conditions, they never fade and they are never out of fashion.

Other Services


Pivots, Barn Doors, Sliding, Arch Doors, Folding Doors


Guest Beds, Bunk Beds, Loft, Bed Steads, Divan Bases


Built-In Kitchen Cupboards, Wardrobes, Granite Installation

You should also know…

We are revolutionizing the standard of construction by robust transformation of the ordinary door jambs(opening space) to suit modern customized pivot doors.

Our team strives to create/build modern doors that gives you lasting security and comfort as well as adding value to your structure within specified locale.

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