Loft, Triple, Built-in, Novelty, Trundle, Study, Tree House, Futon.


Guest  Beds, Adjustable  Beds, Bed  Steads, Divan Bases.


Built-In Kitchen cupboards, Wardrobes, Granite Cutting and Installation.

Our Products

Our creations (products) are priced according to modern architectural design, the type of material to be used(local or imported),dimensions of your door, Design of the door and Urgency of the matter. (Price will adjust as you alter the sizes) Of note, our clients are allowed to bring their own designs that suits their personal tastes and their imaginations or they can also choose from our range of selection.

  1. It gives a wide generous opening and a simple modern appearance that works with contemporary architecture.
  2. Times have changed and so should be your personal style, taste, perception and perspectives on ventilation that comes with the bigger opening.
  3. We understand that your family security depends upon more than mere windows and doors. We had realized that your home is your exquisite refugee hence, it deserves inimitable
    beauty that comes from a customized entry door made from impregnable material.